Sonya's Son

Sonya's Son

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Sonya's Son Produced by smoothwaffle
Tape by Tiny Tapes

I. Tundra ft Paul Brown x Cora Brown
II. Sense It ft Helen Stevens
III. Everything ft Buddah Badu
IV. Letter 2 EYE ft ILLADEL x smoothwaffle
V. EYE Interlude
VI. Alpine ft Jay JFRE x Rome Brown + Sonya Brown


Finding his way home, Sonya’s Son serves as an ode to DookieBrownFlow’s kinship through the eyes of reflection. Produced by longtime friend smoothwaffle, the two join forces to shed a think piece between the connection of faith, family, truth and consciousness. Dreamy jazz loops, airy harmonies and hard drums create a realm for the emcee’s distinct tone to make space for his lyric driven prowess, challenging the listener to dig deeper and to overstand one’s purpose within society’s manipulation.

Sonya’s Son features voices from Paul Brown, Cora Brown, Helen Stevens, Jerome Brown and Sonya Brown. 
Vocals by Buddah Badu (Everything)
Jay JFRE (Alpine)
And features wordsmith ILLADEL with additional bass provided by Justin Cropper (Letter 2 EYE) 

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Tiny Tapes are Mini MP3 players modeled after vintage audio cassettes. They consist of a 3.5mm headphone jack, mini USB, and micro SD port. The tape runs on a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Load your music on the SD card and jam.

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