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Isolation Is a Mirror by Tiny Tapes

  1. Simple Man
  2. Health & Pleasure
  3. Wait - Sampedro x JV KNIGHT (unreleased)
  4. Roses from the other side (unreleased) 


The follow up to his 2018 EP "ESC", "Isolation is a mirror"  is a 2-track dreamy reflection of life in lockdown. Elegantly painting the picture that to live outside first you need to look inside. Get an exclusive listen to 2 brand new JV KNIGHT singles before the rest of the world with Tiny tapes presents - "Isolation is a mirror."


Hailing from Miami FL, Cuban-American Artist JV KNIGHT is far from the conventional South Florida sound. With influences that stretch as far and wide as Andre 3000, Frank ocean, Led Zeppelin, and prince - JV masterfully blends those sounds together, a feat which bleeds through on every song. As one of the many bold DIY Artists of this generation, JV KNIGHT takes pride in the idea that his creative vision, both sonically and visually, are constructed solely with his own two hands.

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Tiny Tapes are Mini MP3 players modeled after vintage audio cassettes. They consist of a 3.5mm headphone jack, mini USB, and micro SD port. They've got rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Load your music on the SD card and jam.