About Us



Tiny Tapes aims to help local and major artists to sell their music again with nostalgic appeal but modern connectivity. Musicians often give away too much for free. Tiny Tapes seeks to create a modern and viable option for music fans to financially support their favorite artists. We hope to empower Indie entrepreneurs to take matters into their own hands and spread the culture of self made independent artistry.

Teacher by day, artist by night, Local Miami musician Starve Marve (left) didn't make too much money from Spotify streams. Despite all the time & money he put into his music, he paid more for yearly Distrokid distribution than he made in streaming revenue. He needed an innovative way to create an incentive for supporters to pay him directly for his original music. He wanted a way for fans to take home a piece of him and thus came up with the concept for Tiny Tapes.

After selling over $500 worth of Tiny Tapes after his "Die Dreaming" EP release, he considered that he could help many fellow artists monetize their music with Tiny Tapes as well.

Tiny Tapes were created for all the little people. But hopefully soon Tiny Tapes will help you make big money.