Spotify Codes - The New Way to Link Your Music Fans

Spotify Code - Artist: Starve Marve

Add Spotify Codes to Your Merch

     Spotify, like Snap Chat, has included a scannable sort of bar code since about 2017. Similar to a QR code, Spotify codes will instantly link the device of whoever scans it to the Spotify page of the an artist, song, album or playlist; all within the app. Beside the Spotify search there is a camera icon to find songs via this code. After clicking the icon, just hover your phone’s camera over the code within the Spotify app’s camera scanner. Supposedly you can even upload the picture of a Spotify code to pull up a desired song via the “select from photos” option.

    Otherwise, if your with a friend and need a Spotify code, just click the 3 dots menu button on a song. Extra options will pop up & lead to the code. Once you pull it up on your phone, tap to enlarge the code. Your friend can use the camera function on their own Spotify app to scan the code on your screen. Then, instantly the same song, playlist, artist or album will pop up on his / her screen. It’s sharing made easy. You can also paste a Spotify URL into to grab a transparent PNG of a code.

    Shaped like a cute audio sound wave form, they come in multiple colors and are an easy way to connect your fans to your music. They’re more appealing than random letters in a web address link. Put Spotify codes on your vinyl albums, t - shirts, instagram, glass decor, tiny tapes, posters, or on stickers. Then sticker bomb your downtown music hubs with this fun scannable mystery code for the passerby to scan and discover you.

Try yourself through your computer or phone screen. Scan the Tiny Tape Spotify & QR codes below.

Tiny Tape with Spotify & QR Code

Much Better Than The Old Way to Share

  In the past we had to hit the menu button, choose a sharing method and copy the link. Then you’d leave Spotify to go to your messenger, paste the message & send. Afterwards, the receiver would open the link. Their phone might make them choose between their default web browser and Spotify. Then finally, they could listen to the song. Now it’s as simple. Pull up the bar code and scan. It’s half the actionable steps, plus it’s uncommonly exciting. This makes people more likely to spare a second to check you out rather than dread 5 seconds and 10 action steps.

    And QR Codes do the exact same thing but they’re in the shape of a square. They don’t need the Spotify app camera, and they can link to anything. Use your own custom QR code to link to your website, YouTube, Instagram or even a page full of links to everything you have online. The Google Chrome browser even allows you to simply right click and "Create QR code for this page." With QR Codes people will discover you by just holding their phone's camera up to your code. And some companies offer QR codes with tracking and statistics. Codes with tracking help you obtain data like location of scan, number of scans, time of scan, and even the operating system or device used. This can tell you much more about your audience reach and fan base. Use the info & web analytics to target the most receptive towns to promo and gain new fans.

   Get your codes and connect with your fans in a new innovative way that will take them straight to your full web presence and create a chance to capture their info so you can build a long term relationship.