Make Money as a Musician During COVID

Guitarist During COVID Pandemic


      COVID 19 came along out of nowhere, out of the blue and smashed the norms of the music scene to bits. Now artists who made plenty money from gigging and touring are lost. In result, A lot of people now stream performances from the socially distanced safety of their own homes in lockdown. They get fancy lighting and build little scenery inside to create concert vibes for their onlookers. The whole world has had to shift. When you stream a show you can sell virtual tickets for attendance, ask fans for online tips, or deliver them your merch for money. 

     But artists can also strengthen their merch selling efforts. Stay at home, lockdown shows are the perfect excuse to sell all kinds of things you normally wouldn’t have lugged around the road. Ship merch directly to fans homes. There’s no better feeling than opening a new package in the mail. Restore the bonds between you and fans with a mail order. Or even pick a day to do driven deliveries. It’d be an awesome surprise & chance to directly reconnect, catch up and & lock in your network of fans, one by one for another year.


Merch Table Spread


     Furthermore, There’s no limit to the kinds of merch an artist can have manufactured. Sell the average, vintage vinyl, shirts, underwear, limited edition face masks, wine bottles, rolling papers, bracelets, hats, pins, Tiny Tapes, or even a branded bust of a your face. There’s really no limit as to what you can offer fans. They really just want to support and take home a piece of their favorite band or musician.

      For instance, You can specially tailor your live stream show to match up with themes of your merch.  Connect live streams to digital downloads with a link. Name a specific merch item after your weekly / monthly live stream show. Another idea is to connect live streams to digital downloads with a link. Let your creativity run wild. Don’t let the new stay at home artist conditions detour you. Every new change creates a new problem. However, they're really just a new opportunity to sell someone a solution. Just because were trapped inside doesn’t mean people stopped spending money. And it doesn't mean they stopped loving music either. 

      If your using print on demand service as offered by Printful or Tiny Tapes, it’s even easier. Just customize the merch, and drop a link in the chat of your live show. Let the merch company do the rest and wait for your profit deposits. Make some easy mailbox money.

Teach Online Music Lessons

Make Money During COVID with Online Music Lessons

     Music lessons generate steady and lucrative pay. You can do lessons socially distanced in person or online. Yes, it sounds impossible but it’s actually super doable, especially with platforms like Zoom actually now including high fidelity music modes and other tricks like screen share or even mouse control of other participants. Doing lessons in person is definitely smoother and easier, but technically cost you, the musician, a bit more because you have to spend time and gas to drive to your clients. Whereas online you could charge the same amount but get it all done from the comfort of your home. Or you could charge a bit less but pick up more students since you’ll have more time with less driving.

     Teach piano scales during pandemic lockdowns with a piano picture on screen while annotating / drawing on screen to label keys with letters or highlight notes in a scale. Screen share YouTube piano tutorials to work on together with students. Instructors can play notes as students copy by ear for ear training. Screen share music notation and use annotation to highlight sections to of music to play. You'll adapt to the lag over time and it's way less worse than people would imagine. Teaching during COVID has proven all the same goes for guitar, vocal lessons, and even drumming.

      Teaching music production is especially cool because there are so many free online DAWS and drum machines. Teach through Zoom to use screen share mouse control & sharing of computer sound so students can hear the exact audio sent to your speakers and even move around your screen to use your master production software. Produce together!

Don't throw in the towel just because of a few new restrictions. The world is changing, and so should you.