How to Make Money with Music

  • Distrokid Vs Tune Core vs Sound Cloud. Which Is Best?

    Tune Core, Audio Mack, & Sound Cloud are some of the biggest platforms to upload your music and get heard. But which should you go with?
  • Get 1,000 True Fans for The Best Music Career

    A lot of artists, musicians, painters, designers, creators, etc. are twiddling their thumbs waiting for stardom. But you don’t need to be the most famous. You don’t need to have a million followers. 1,000 True fans alone can change your life & your music career.
  • Do Music Streaming Platforms Pay Good Money?

    Artist on Spotify are paid anywhere $0.002 to $0.0084 per stream depending on a few factors including popularity. But what a lot of people may not know is that their Spotify streaming payments are split between them and a million other artists.

  • 10 Merch Ideas Fans Will Love | Let Fans Pay You

    Merch for money! Artists can sell Tiny Tapes, lighters and artsy stickers with Spotify codes just to name a few examples. Then you use that money to pay yourself or pay for your music and promo budget.



  • 5 Ways Musicians Make Money That You Didn't Know

    Obviously merch can be sold from T-Shirts to Tiny Tapes. But money can be made as a musician through much more than merch and plain old Spotify streams. Musicians can apply for grants to get thousands of free dollars from their cities. Artist can license songs to music libraries for YouTube placement or even teach music after school.

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  • Make Money as a Musician During COVID

    Now artists who made plenty money from gigging and touring are at a loss with COVID restrictions. In result, a lot of people now stream performances from the safety of home and accept tips. They add merch links during the stream. People get paid session and teaching work through zoom. Just think outside the pandemic.

  • Spotify Codes - The New Way to Link Your Music Fans

    Add scannable Spotify codes on your vinyl albums, T- Shirts, ear pluggable Tiny Tapes, Instagram, glass decor, posters, or on stickers. Then sticker bomb your downtown area and music hubs with this fun scannable mystery code for the passerby to scan and discover you. Spotify, like Snap Chat, has included a scannable sort of bar code since abut 2017. Similar to a QR code, The Spotify code will instantly link and redirect the device of whoever  scans it to the Spotify page of the an artist, song, album or playlist; all within the app.